We wish to introduce our company BHOIR GROUP which has an experience for almost more than two decade in business such as crane hiring, dredging, offshore, import & export provided to different project sites of the private & public sector and the corporate as well. We also have vast experience in our core activities under highly expertise staff and a centurion experience. 

Working round the clock – soon we shall be going public!

The Bhoir Group introduces its self as one of the prominent Indian Dredging Company owned by group of professionals, richly experienced over 2 decades in the Marine field. The promoters, Bhoir’s are of Marine specialists, who have acquired in - epth exposure of Marine operations and service through out India. The company was erected looking at the needs focused on ports requirements;

The company is involved in Offshore equipments providing services ranging from Dredgers, Tug Boats, Cranes, Pontoons etc. Our success is the result of combined effort and skills of its people. The team's "can-do" attitude and flexibility has been enhanced by our determination and dedication to serve BHOIR GROUP clients the best way possible. The Company being committed to providing Quality Services to its reputed clients based worldwide awarded Quality Assurance & satisfaction testimonials from various clienteles.